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Plan to Finish

How do I...?

Before you create your plan, take a peek at some of these tips and tricks! These videos, interactive PowerPoints, and instructions should answer many of your questions about creating and editing your plan. Remember, when you're done, let your advisor know so they can view your plan to make sure you're on the right path for graduation. Happy planning!

A plan allows you to choose the program you want and plan out all the classes you will need to complete in order to make that program work for you. You will be able to see what classes you will need each semester and get an idea of what your time here at the University of Utah will look like. You can make as many plans as you want and explore all the different programs we have to offer, find out which one will work best for you!


To add a new plan, you must first login to your CIS page, find the tile with the graduation cap that also says "My Degree Dashboard" and select that tile to get into your Degree Dashboard.


In My Degree Dashboard, select the plans tab at the top left corner of the page, under the University of Utah logo. This will take you to the "Manage My Plans" page. To create a new plan, select Create a New Plan.


Then, select the college for your planned program, followed by your major, then your degree type (ex. Bachelor of Science is BS and Bachelor of Arts id BA). If you have an emphasis you will select that in the program area, if you do not have an emphasis it will automatically skip this section. Then select your declared catalog year, or the most recent catalog year if you have not yet declared your major.


You will then name your plan anything you want, select the next term or semester you plan to take courses, type in the year that matches that term, and select how many years you have until graduation. Then click Next.


Now you will automatically be taken into the plan you have just created, to learn more on how to build your plan go to the “Build Your Plan” tab of this page.


Once you have added your plan, you can build your plan! To build or edit your plan, you must first login to your CIS page, find the tile with the graduation cap that also says "My Degree Dashboard" and select that tile to get into your Degree Dashboard.


In My Degree Dashboard, select the plans tab at the top left corner of the page, under the University of Utah logo. This will take you to the "Manage My Plans" page. Simply click on your plan name to build or edit that plan.


You can also access your plan by going to the Action column and clicking on the drop down list of the plan you wish to edit. Within that drop down list of actions you can edit your plan, rename your plan, copy your plan, or delete you plan.


Once you are in your plan you will see the audit on the left side and your semester-by-semester plan on the right side. You will need to understand how to read an audit in order to be able to understand how to build your plan because you will be building from the audit. If you do not know how to read an audit go to the audits page and find the tab “Read My Audit” to learn more.


When you click on an unfulfilled requirement in the audit that you want to plan for it will open and you will be able to see a list of courses you can select from to fulfill that requirement. If you click on one of those course, you will be able to see the name of that course, a description of the course, and any general education or bachelor degree requirements it covers.


To add a class to your plan you must click and drag the class you want from the audit to the appropriate semester in your semester-by-semester plan.


Once you have planned for all the courses needed to fulfill a specific requirement, if you click on the check mark at the top of your plan it will refresh the audit, checking it against your plan, and whatever requirements you have planned for will now have a purple box next to them.


Once you have completed your plan schedule an appointment with you academic advisor so they can make sure your plan is the best plan for you and it will successfully get you to graduation!



Now we'll go over some of the cool and helpful things you can use when building your plan.



Add Course

This button allows you to add classes to your plan that are not on your audit.



 Add Message

This button allows you to put a specific reminder in you plan, for example you can choose to but a reminder to apply for graduation in the semester that you will need to apply for graduation.



Delete a Class

This button allows you to delete classes within a semester. Simply click the button and choose the course(s) you want to remove.



Add a Semester

This button allows you to add a semester to your plan. Just click this button, select the semester you want (fall, spring, or summer), choose the year you want it, then click "OK" and a new semester will be in your plan!  



Delete a Semester

This button will allow you to delete an entire semester from your plan. 




 Check Mark Icon 

This button will compare your planned courses in your semester-by-semester plan with the required courses in you audit. It will mark any courses you planned for with a purple box in the audit. This allows you to double check that you have planned for everything you need and did not skip anything by accident.



Run an Audit

This button will show you a full audit with all the classes you built into your plan. The classes you have planned for will show up with a purple box next to them in the audit.  



minus sign

This button allows you to wipe your plan clean and start from scratch. If you started creating your plan and need to completely start over, this button will help you with that. It gives you a perfectly clean slate to work from.


An audit with planned courses can be very useful. Once you have created a plan, you can run a full audit that will include planned courses in addition to your completed and in progress courses. This will help you verify that your plan includes everything you need in order to graduate on time. 


To run an audit with planned courses, you will need to first add and build a plan. Once you have completed that plan, you're ready to see the planned courses on your audit! Simply click on this button in your plan:

 Run an Audit


Wait a few seconds and your audit will be ready! Your PLANNED courses will show up in purple, your COMPLETED courses in green, your IN PROGRESS courses in blue, and any courses that have not been planned for or completed and are not in progress will show up in red.


In your audit you will be able to see your planned courses. Completed courses will show the semester you took them and the grade you received. In progress courses will show the current semester and an "IP" for your grade. 


If you think you have planned out all of your courses and you're still seeing red on your audit, schedule an appointment to meet with your academic advisor. They can make sure your plan will successfully get you to graduation.

Did you receive an error while trying to add, build, or edit your plan? If so, please take a screenshot of the error page and send it to us ( Make sure you include what you were trying to do at the time you received the error. We want to get that error taken care of as quickly as we can, but first, we need to know what the error is.

My Degree Dashboard has some wonderful tools for you to use, but they can be a tad bit overwhelming if you're not sure how to use them. For more assistance, schedule an appointment with your major advisor so they can run through the basics with you. If you don't have a major yet, you can meet with an advisor in the Academic Advising Center.

While My Degree Dashboard does have its limitations, we are always looking for new ways to support our students and staff in their academic endeavors. If you have a suggestion for how we could leverage technology to better support the campus community, we would love to hear from you! Send an email with your suggestion to

Last Updated: 1/9/18